Gladstone photographer seeking subjects for Leaving Home project

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An older woman sits at the kitchen table, while two men move a fridge in the background.
Are you leaving a home you’ve lived in for 20 years or more? Gladstone photographer William Debois is capturing residents’ last moments in their beloved homes.

Are you selling up and moving from the house you’ve been calling home for 20 years or more?

Gladstone photographer William Debois is seeking participants for a photographic project that explores the strong relationship that develops between people and the house they make their home.

William has secured funding from the Regional Arts Development Fund to develop the Leaving Home Project, thanks to the Gladstone Regional Council and the Queensland Government, and will create a series of portraits of 12 to 15 Gladstone region homeowners .

The Leaving Home project will create an artistic insight into the strong relationship between people and their home, and capture portraits of local people at the crucial time when the house they have lived in for so long is about to stop being their home.

What is involved?

A conversation about you and your home that will be recorded to illustrate the project, and a short portrait session in and around your house.

What happens to the pictures?

Once the project is completed, the resulting photographs will become part of the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum’s contemporary collection and made available for public consultation.


  • Resident homeowners in the Gladstone region
  • The residential property is listed for sale, about to be listed for sale, or about to be vacated
  • The homeowners occupied the property being vacated for at least 20 years.

To become a participant, please contact William Debois on 0432 204 680 or email