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R. Anne Svendsen graduated from the Queensland (Qld) Conservatorium of Music in Australia with a Bachelor of Music majoring in Violoncello performance and strings pedagogy. She holds a Licentiate of Music in Ensemble Performance and has spent the past thirty-five years working as a freelance ‘cellist in Australia and teaching strings from primary to tertiary level. Anne has tutored at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and Central Queensland University and has played with The Queensland Symphony, Bolshoi Ballet, National  & Royal Ballet and the Queensland Philharmonic Orchestras. Anne has been guest conductor for the Griffith University’s State Honors Ensemble Program as well as state regional music camps. As a composer she has had more than twenty of her works for school orchestras published in Australia and the USA. She is currently living in Zilzie in Central Queensland where she continues to teach and compose for student string orchestras. Anne also works with various professional groups and individuals.



B Mus; L Mus