Signing up for Allsorts Open Mic is now easier

Allsorts Open Mic is an all-welcome variety show on the first Saturday of the month (usually) at Rockhampton’s Saleyards Distillery.  You don’t have to audition, and there’s no membership fee: just sign up, work on your act in your own time, then come along and show us what you can do.

And now, signing up is easier than ever.  Just tap through here, and pop your details in the form.  We need to know who you are and how to contact you, what kind of act you’re planning, whether you’re under 18, and whether you need any special needs or extra requirements.

Acts can include stand up and improv comedy, poetry reading, dramatic monologues, and singing and music of all genres and styles.  The only things we can’t accomodate are dance or similar acts that need a lot of space (due to the size of the venue) and anything that requires specialist equipment like aerial work.

Spoken word acts (comedy, poetry etc) get up to 10 mins per act, and musical acts up to 3 songs.  That’s not much, but it’s plenty when you’re just starting out, and it means we can fit a lot of acts into the show – some months we have more than a dozen different acts involved.

We provide the PA, 2x microphones and stands, a music stand, and seating.  Backing tracks are welcome on devices with a standard (3.5mm) headphones socket.

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